Scott Rogers

Associate Director of Development
Scott wants to learn, everything. From podcasts to documentaries, it’s rare to find Scott on a day when he’s not excited to share something he’s just learned. Like how tempeh growing in Tennessee eventually became Tofurky or the latest on decoupled architectures.

With more than 2 decades of experience in web development and enterprise architecture, Scott designs, builds and improves software with a focus on what users need from the service and how they’ll use it.

He’s designed and implemented large-scale web platforms, e-commerce sites, enterprise web systems, and web applications using technologies from Perl to ASP.Net. Scott brings a diverse background working with start-ups, professional services, non-profits and multinational corporations to his role at Twist & Bits.

When he’s not coding, he’s often searching for the perfect latte, scary movie or comic back issue.

Scott Rogers

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