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In the summer of 2019 (15 months ago at the time of writing this post), I saw a problem with how we were tackling projects and began talking with my teammates about a proposed approach.

The problem: estimates for every new project were growing higher and higher. A $20,000 project that we finished three months ago was estimated at $25,000 today, $30,000 3 months from now, and so on.

Managing Director

Modern-day marketing and advertising have become overrun with companies fighting to get consumer attention. Some tactics are clean and straightforward, some try too hard to be clever, and many try to rip off the success of others. In many cases, considerations for the core customer get lost or misguided based on the medium, to name but a few examples I often see in the wild: Social media icons placed on out of home media (billboards, bus shelters, magazines) that do nothing more than to say to the customer: "we're on Facebook." Congratulations, so are every other company. Long URLs on advertisements that very few people will recall 30 seconds later. White text on a bright background (or dark on dark, etc.) makes for hard to read ads as people (or moving objects with the advertisement) pass or maybe impossible for colorblind people.

Managing Director

Twist by Trampoline, a subsidiary of Trampoline Branding, has purchased Halifax marketing and website development company, Bits Creative Agency. The new agency, co-branded Twist & Bits is now one of the region’s largest direct-to-execution marketing partners. With strong roots in both digital and traditional marketing, Twist & Bits offers a full suite of services including: website development, e-commerce optimization, SEM, content marketing, branding, graphic design, collateral and communications.

Managing Director

Change can be hard. With change comes the feeling of unfamiliarity that naturally brings with it a certain level of discomfort. But as hard as change is, it is also the key ingredient for growth. A concept we often find ourselves explaining to potential clients.

Managing Director

January is synonymous with a clean slate, a fresh start, and a time that signals the release of all kinds of predictions for what this new calendar year will bring us. Even though our designers despise the “T” word, (Karl Lagerfeld said it best, “Trendy is the final stage before tacky.”)  influence and inspiration can, and often is, drawn from what is mainstream. Therefore it is essential that creatives, like us, keep our fingers on the pulse of what is “hot”.

Jessie Ross

We’ve been working with the inspiring team at United Way Halifax (UWH) over the past few months, building a campaign aimed at changing 50,000 lives locally. Our team set out to develop a brand for the campaign to encourage a city of doers, tackling poverty head-on through individual actions of giving - both of time & donations.   

Emma Keevill

Last year, with the spirit of the Holiday season in full swing, our team sat down to brainstorm our design for the annual Bits Creative Agency holiday greeting card. As we pondered our options (naturally, a photo shoot of all of our dogs in antlers was a viable suggestion), the discussion turned to how we could make a greater impact through this yearly endeavour.

Jessie Ross

As Halifax’s most historic hotel, The Lord Nelson has done an incredible job in preserving their elegant and timeless persona since 1928. Ramping up to a huge renovation of the hotel’s interior, it was the perfect time to revamp and redefine their online presence.

Cooking up a storm for the folks at Fleming House today?⭐️ #DayofAction #WakeUpHalifax

We’re on a mission to change things with @uwhalifax today! We’re so pumped to be participating in the #DayofAction and to see our work on the #WakeUpHalifax campaign come to life! ?☀️

The Beginning of Display Advertising

Online advertising began in the early 1990s. AT&T purchased the very first display ad in 1994, and 44% of people who saw it clicked on it. At the time, it was just something fun users could engage with. By clicking through, users were rewarded with a website and video, which playfully imagined the future of the internet.

Jess Shortt

When you consider that roughly 15% of the world’s population (more than 1 billion people) have some form of disability, the importance of accessibility in web design seems pretty obvious. But if those involved in the website’s creation are not directly affected by a disability, accessibility can sometimes be an afterthought.

Kyle Kelly
Senior Developer

Last week I had the pleasure of attending New York Advertising Week. Advertising Week is an organization that puts on conferences around the world for marketing professionals to learn from the industry’s best (commonly mistaken for AdWeek, the magazine!).

Emma Keevill
Glen Arbour Golf Course

Fore!?️ We were so proud to sponsor the @marriotthotels 10th Annual Tee Off for Tots Charity Golf Tournament in support of the miracle workers at the @iwkfoundation yesterday. Always a pleasure to spend time outdoors for a great cause!

Times Square, Manhattan, New York

Little E in the big city, getting her learn on at #awnewyork this week ?

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