Jessamyn Vanechuk Pothier

Graphic Designer
Bits & pieces: lover of animals, travel, Volkswagens (preferably old), coffee (preferably strong) & all things design.

Jessamyn is a talented designer who holds a BDES from NSCAD University with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design. She put her degree to the test by starting her career designing kitchens. She now spends her time in the marketing world.

Jessamyn loves to collaborate to develop unique and memorable visuals. She takes inspiration from her home province of Nova Scotia, always exploring and taking in new experiences to create interesting and creative work. 

When she’s not designing you can find her perusing new trails with her Great Dane, Dallas.

Certifications: Inbound Marketing

Jessamyn Vanechuk Pothier

Some of Jessamyn's Projects

Creative Agency

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