Refreshing & Refocusing Our Web Presence

In a world where marketing is always evolving and the ways in which brands interact with their audiences can seem limitless, making sure that you stand out in your chosen channels is so important. For us, that means our website needs to be at the top of its game, so we have spent the past few months refining our strategy and refreshing our website's design and user experience. 

With our growing team of specialists and an enhanced list of services, we wanted to ensure our capabilities and culture are represented  in the best possible light. What you see before you is the result, let me take you on a quick tour!

The first thing you will notice is our new homepage, the central hub for all of our content. When we were working on the new design we needed to find something that would work across the myriad of devices, and screen sizes, and input methods currently available to users. There is no point filling your website with engaging content if your users can’t find it easily on the device of their choosing.

To achieve this we also needed something that would be flexible and grow with us as we added more content in the future. We like the card paradigm for this, not only because we can always add more cards but it grants you has a lot of flexibility in how you display them. The grid layout that we are using on the homepage, and across most sections of the website, also helps highlight content in a variety of ways, driving user engagement. And we can simplify things for smaller screens where scrolling through a timeline has become the new standard.

The best thing about all of this is that adding content just fits. Re-inventing the wheel to feature a new content type (like we have had to in the past) is just silly, now we can add the content and it slides right into the page with no hassles.

With a robust and flexible foundation in place, we reviewed and refreshed all of our content. Over the past year or two we have drastically expanded the list of services within our portfolio; now covering everything from branding and strategy, through design, print, web, analytics, ad buying and social media management just to name a few. Outlining these offerings better was one of the primary focuses of the update. Not only do we now profile all of these services and more, but we have also gone through all our old projects and linked them to services so that you get a better idea of what we are capable of at a glance, with easy access to more details just a click away.

We have also spent the time to improve the copywriting across the whole website. Clarifying content and streamlining the message to get the point across quicker, while being cognizant of keywords and having an SEO friendly focus to improve SERP. It has been quite a journey finding the right balance between staying true to our voice and still giving our audience the information they desire.

As much as the technical detail is important, it’s also important to show your human side online, people won’t connect with you if they can’t relate to you. So next up was to show off more of our team! We have added some very talented individuals over the years, and in most cases working with us means working directly with the team members doing the work, so it only makes sense for you to get some insight into who you will be working alongside. We also wanted to show a bit of what we do out of the office, so we are even pulling in some of our favourite Instagram posts and will be highlighting upcoming team outings in the future. Go check out our profiles and some of the projects each of us have worked on!

Our blog has also been a little neglected this year, sorry about that ?  Part of the website update includes working hard on our content, especially sharing our inside knowledge with you to help make your content better too. We’ll be focusing more on tips and tricks, trends, and best practices as well as more technical/how-to posts for the developers in our audience straight from the lessons we have learned first hand.

And of course, as we try to instil in our partners, a website is never really ‘finished.' It’s just one channel in your overall marketing strategy, and as such you need to change and adapt and test and measure continuously. So we will be practising what we preach, enhancing and improving this site over the coming months and years, pushing the limits of what we can achieve while working closely with our team to ensure we are hitting all of our targets out of the park, across all channels.

I invite you to explore our new website, learn about all the services that we offer, our latest additions to the team, and share any thoughts and feedback with us.

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