Tracy Maunder

Digital Creative Director
Tracy has lived & worked on four continents.

Brand creator extraordinaire Tracy considers herself a student of life. Her work is influenced by her travel creating a  broader understanding of cultural diversity and differing world perspectives.

Bringing a collaborative approach to projects, she looks at brands from diverse angles to generate compelling messages across a variety of mediums and platforms—always striving to evoke, engage, and resonate.

Design has infiltrated most aspects of her life, and when she is not at work, you can find her cooking meals infused with a medley of colours or creating side-projects that merge new technology with design.

Tracy Maunder

Some of Tracy's Projects

January is synonymous with a clean slate, a fresh start, and a time that signals the release of all kinds of predictions for what this new calendar year will bring us. Even though our designers despise the “T” word, (Karl Lagerfeld said it best, “Trendy is the final stage before tacky.”)  influence and inspiration can, and often is, drawn from what is mainstream. Therefore it is essential that creatives, like us, keep our fingers on the pulse of what is “hot”.

Jessie Ross

Last year, with the spirit of the Holiday season in full swing, our team sat down to brainstorm our design for the annual Bits Creative Agency holiday greeting card. As we pondered our options (naturally, a photo shoot of all of our dogs in antlers was a viable suggestion), the discussion turned to how we could make a greater impact through this yearly endeavour.

Jessie Ross

We’ve been working with the inspiring team at United Way Halifax (UWH) over the past few months, building a campaign aimed at changing 50,000 lives locally. Our team set out to develop a brand for the campaign to encourage a city of doers, tackling poverty head-on through individual actions of giving - both of time & donations.   

Emma Keevill

WorldWide Furniture was founded on the belief that quality and style should not have to be sacrificed for great value. Over 40 years later, that same sentiment rings true. Learn how accomplished a complete brand refresh while staying true to their roots.

Gallery1 Furniture has been providing beautiful, unique furniture to Atlantic Canadians for over a decade. Ready for a brand refresh, our designers and web developers created a website and brand collateral as customised and curated as the products they sell.

Nova Centre is something Halifax hasn’t seen before. It’s a one-million-square-foot, mixed-use development in the heart of our entertainment and business district. Housing a new convention centre, boutique hotel, business towers, restaurants, shops, and public space, it is one of the largest and most ambitious projects Downtown Halifax has seen in a long time.

We wanted to engage the community, draw them in, and take them on a journey through the centre—giving a behind-the-scenes perspective on its construction.

I am not a traditionalist by nature. In fact, I have always pushed and sometimes rejected the boundaries and theories of traditional brand thinking. I don’t like to focus on turning a brand into what I think it should be. I’m a realist, and I like to follow a more organic process, contemplating where a brand will live in the outside world. Perhaps this is why I was so uncomfortable with the great disconnect I used to see between the traditional and digital space.

Creative Director

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