Katie Bellefontaine

Project Manager
With three young kids it's no wonder Katie has an affinity for coffee.

Whether it’s strategic planning and creative development or budgets and timelines, Katie puts her heart and soul into each project, from concept to execution.

With years of marketing and agency experience, and the desire to continue to evolve, Katie has the knowledge, dedication, and passion to go above and beyond for her clients and the work she does for them.

When not living the agency life Katie loves spending time with her family, attempting to find time to practice yoga, and trying to prove that she can cook.

Katie Bellefontaine

Some of Katie's Projects

Change can be hard. With change comes the feeling of unfamiliarity that naturally brings with it a certain level of discomfort. But as hard as change is, it is also the key ingredient for growth. A concept we often find ourselves explaining to potential clients.


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