Jessica Shortt

At home, you'll probably still find Jessica behind a computer screen, brushing up on the latest web dev technologies or loading up on random facts ahead of trivia night. Would you know which country was known as British Honduras before 1973? Jess probably would. But when she's not behind a computer screen, you can likely spot Jessica with a pencil in her hand, scribbling away and writing stories. By the way, the answer is "Belize".

Do you remember what you were doing at 11 years old? Well, you probably weren't building your very first website like Jessica. Now, more than a few years have passed and Jessica's passion for beautiful, functional digital user experiences continues to flourish at Trampoline. Aside from being well-versed in all things web design, Jessica is also a Google Partner Specialist. Yeah, we're pretty lucky.

Certifications: Analytics, AdWords Specialist, Mobile Sites

Jessica Shortt

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