Ashley Boutilier

Lead UI/UX Designer
Ashley loves rainbows; a strong cup of coffee; and, of course, her dog Moka.

As a user interface and user experience designer, Ashley breathes life into the ideas and visions of the entire creative team.

Fussing over pixels and typeface is what she enjoys most about the Twist & Bits life. She believes there is something magical about the flow of typography and the creative process of building a brand identity with a meaningful story.

A former member of the Dalhousie University Women's Hockey Team, she can still be found participating year-round in hockey either playing or coaching her favourite sport.

Ashley Boutilier

Some of Ashley's Projects

The new website had to enhance the quality of Domus' listings and services by offering a fun, visual experience easily viewed across many devices and browsers.

When Marty McFly stepped into the time machine, he flew into the future—2015! And like all evolved trends in the future, typography in web design has changed over the years. Font families have become more affordable, easier to implement, and there are a multitude of options for people working with smaller budgets. This means designers have more typographic flexibility and can create clean, cohesive, and individualized websites.

Together, we created the tagline, “Invested in Abilities”, as a way to communicate this dedicated commitment to their clients’ success.
With loyal customers from around the world calling SBS for everything from routine items to custom large orders, the sales team was swamped.
At, we make no bones about the fact we love dogs so when Halifax’s first canine fitness service, Dogrunnin, needed a new brand, we knew it was a match made in hound heaven.

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