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Your brand spirit serves as inspiration for our talented team of designers to develop and deliver stunning, customized marketing collateral for a multitude of mediums including; digital ads, product packaging, and promotional materials.

As your creative partner we’ll never keep you in suspense, we insist that you take the journey with us from conceptualized to finalized designs that will exceed your expectations.

Creative Design

The bits team is all set to tighten our laces and head out on a new adventure with the 2016 Brand Spring Clean Contest winner - Hike Nova Scotia!

Jessie Ross

Ah... Spring! It might just be our favourite season here at the office. Goodbye sweater weather, shorter days & snowstorms and helloooo sunshine! 

And because we are in such cheery spirits around here; we're super pumped to announce the second round of our Brand Spring Clean! 

Jessie Ross

In March 2015 we ran our first Brand Spring Clean contest and Phoenix Youth Programs really impressed us with their submission. Since then, we’ve been working closely with Phoenix to bring their brand identity to a level they can be proud of, ensuring it represents the work they do to a tee.

Emma Keevill

When Marty McFly stepped into the time machine, he flew into the future—2015! And like all evolved trends in the future, typography in web design has changed over the years. Font families have become more affordable, easier to implement, and there are a multitude of options for people working with smaller budgets. This means designers have more typographic flexibility and can create clean, cohesive, and individualized websites.


I am not a traditionalist by nature. In fact, I have always pushed and sometimes rejected the boundaries and theories of traditional brand thinking. I don’t like to focus on turning a brand into what I think it should be. I’m a realist, and I like to follow a more organic process, contemplating where a brand will live in the outside world. Perhaps this is why I was so uncomfortable with the great disconnect I used to see between the traditional and digital space.

Creative Director
Together, we created the tagline, “Invested in Abilities”, as a way to communicate this dedicated commitment to their clients’ success.
At, we make no bones about the fact we love dogs so when Halifax’s first canine fitness service, Dogrunnin, needed a new brand, we knew it was a match made in hound heaven.

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