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Sun Safety at Work Canada

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) wanted to raise the profile of the occupational health hazard of sun and heat exposure to the nearly 1.5 million Canadians who work outdoors. Overexposure to the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer and can also cause other serious health problems such as sunburn, eye and skin damage as well as heat stress. Despite the serious risk sun issues pose to workers, it is also largely preventable.


Working in partnership with the team leads from the CCS, Occupational Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Care Ontario and Ryerson University, as members representing the Coalition Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP), the bits team came onboard to help develop a nationally-applicable, digital toolkit. The vision was to institute a sun safety program, addressing both skin cancer and heat stress prevention for staff, managers and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) compliance officers, tailored for medium to large scale businesses.

Since launch of the new website, over 1,000 resources & workplace documents have been downloaded.


From developers to designers, we were all hands on deck for this project. Housing a digital toolkit required a customized website that would be applicable for a broad spectrum of end users. Because the new website would become a resource hub, it was imperative that our design and build be user-centric, focused on providing an engaging, informative and positive experience. We also tackled aspects of branding by using established brand elements to refresh the logo and produce dynamic marketing collateral.

Look & Feel

Using the already existing design concepts for the Sun Safety brand, we combined the imagery of the sun, the maple leaf, and a machinery cog. This impactful design reflects a more industrial feel that is representative of Sun Safety at Work Canada.


We paired this mark with a heavy font in order to emphasize the words ‘Sun Safety’, and we kept the existing font for ‘at work’ in order to create continuity between the old and the new. The identity’s vibrant orange colour—conveying the heat of the sun and depicting the construction industry—is complemented by the blue tones in the soft black.

Colours & Typography 

The main colours of the logotype are a vibrant orange and a blue-black. The vibrant orange conveys the heat of the sun and is evocative of the construction industry. The SSWC blue-black is a soft black, with blue tones that complement the orange nicely without appearing harsh.

In order to maintain continuity, we kept the brand’s original font for the ‘at work’ type within the logotype. We paired this with a heavy font that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance in order to place emphasis on the words ‘Sun Safety’.


To assist in promotion of the site launch, bits designed an informative postcard that was sent to partners and stakeholders to announce the program's release. The postcard integrated all the revised branding elements and included a visual breakdown of resources and information available on their new website.

We also designed various branded graphs and infographics for use on their website, printed materials and other marketing collateral, such as the below solar ray index table.


We broke the content down into subsections and pages based on an organizational analysis, that helped us understand the most effective way to set up and build the information architecture. To help further manage the breadth of information, we built an interactive resource library featuring an easy-to-use filtering system; making it super simple for users to quickly access only the information pertinent to them and their business needs.

A large areas of focus was spent building out a responsive step-by-step or “how-to” model for creating sun safety programs within an organization. The six step process allows all personnel to design a sun safety program that is tailored to their needs. Our team focused on making the sun safety model engaging yet intuitive, including program elements and basic considerations for sun safety in the workplace.

The website now includes features such as; a comprehensive range of interactive resources, infographics and instructional videos.


The website was launched in Fall 2016 to positive reviews. Providing workplaces the ability to properly integrate effective, essential and industry certified sun safety best practices and policies. To date, the site has received positive reviews and has sparked interest within the industry to consider similar program development and web utilization for small businesses.

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