A Phoenix Takes Flight


We ran a Brand Spring Clean Contest in 2015, and Phoenix Youth Programs blew us away with their submission. We chose to work with them to develop new mission and vision statements as well as a new logo identity. Phoenix Youth Programs is a non-profit organization and has long been recognized as a centre of excellence for their support of youth through a continuum of care.


Clear messaging and brand recognition are critical aspects of fund development and public awareness. Phoenix has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of its services, but have realized that funders, other organizations, and the community in general are unaware of their growth. Phoenix’s true identity wasn’t being portrayed to the community, people still saw Phoenix as a homeless shelter.

We needed to establish a common thread to tie everything together. We set out on a mission to ensure that everyone within the organization could sing from the same songbook.


First we engaged in a discovery session, where they talked and we listened. We asked questions to get to the core of who Phoenix is and how it aims to connect with its audience as it continues to grow and expand. We took the information we gathered from their team in the discovery session and began to lay the groundwork in developing their new brand. We worked to uncover the essence of Phoenix, the one fundamental thing that resonates with existing donors, potential new donors, funders, the media, and other stakeholders. Through this process, Phoenix realized that People Matter was the rallying cry at the heart of the organization's identity.

Next we set out to develop vision and mission statements that accurately reflect the aspirations of Phoenix.

Brand Manifesto

People matter. All people.

Whoever you are and wherever you're from, you enrich the Phoenix family.

We are an essential part of the community, and the community is an essential part of us.

People are the leaders in their own lives. Phoenix is a leader in supporting them.

Phoenix delivers a powerful return on investment.

Vision Statement
We believe that people matter. All people. We all have the right to respect, dignity, support, and the opportunity to thrive.
Mission Statement
Together with the community, we support youth and families in their journey to thrive. We are a voice for social justice and community engagement.

The Identity

Symbol Evolution

From early sketches to the final product, the symbol took shape and evolved with the brand manifesto in mind.

Color Palette

Based on our discovery session with Phoenix, we chose a simple colour palette of an energetic orange supported by bright purple and a shade of grey for a simple, youthful, and clean brand.


Body text

Together with the community, we support youth and families in their journey to thrive. We are a voice for social justice and community engagement.


We provided Phoenix with versatile versions of the logo for use on anything from branded apparel to business cards. By designing a variety of brand marks, the client has the freedom to spread their message however they choose while still complementing the established brand.

Increased site traffic by


Bounce Rate is down 10%


We built Phoenix a new website; a place for their new brand could thrive digitally. With a depth of knowledge from our previous branding exercises and through our efforts developing new marketing collateral, it was a natural progression for us to work with them on repositioning their online presence. Phoenix’s previous website was in need of a remodel and was lacking some serious security updates. There was no better time to embark on a website rebuild than directly after their new brand had been finalized and revealed. Their previous website was divided into two very separate sections, one targeted at youth and one targeted at the community. This information architecture was no longer consistent with the new brand manifesto, "People Matter. All People." or the common thread of community that was identified in our brand discovery phase.

The Bits team is friendly, knowledgeable, flexible and professional, but what we liked most was how they listened intensely to our needs for a renewed brand concept that would truly reflect who we are as an agency. The results were, as one of our youth stated ‘perfect’, including a new logo, vision, mission, key messages and brand guidelines. We love working with bits.co so much, we have hired them to update our website! Thanks Bits! Timothy Crooks, Executive Director

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