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InterTalk Critical Information Systems

InterTalk Critical Information Systems (formerly Pantel International) has been an industry leader in the field of radio communication systems for over 20 years. Through leading-edge ideas and technological innovation, they design and build effective and empowering equipment that provides first-line users with information and management tools that save lives.

The Challenge

Pantel International was experiencing a marketing hurdle when it came to their moniker; they were widely becoming known as their product, InterTalk consoles, and not by their business name. Listening to their target audience they quickly realized it was time to pivot in a new direction, that’s when they came to Bits Creative to help develop a brand and marketing refresh that would embrace their history while propelling their brand forward.

Our Approach

We seized the opportunity to streamline the brand identity by embracing the natural, client-driven, propensity to refer to Pantel as InterTalk. The new name became the catalyst for a complete rebranding exercise that included a custom website that increases brand awareness and online reach by focusing on a strategic content and user engagements strategy.

Look & Feel

For this particular project, it was crucial that we stay true to the serious and sometimes sombre nature of what the company offers and their mission. We worked closely with the client to preserve as much of the existing branding recognition as possible while creating a modern identity that's reflective of where they're heading in the future.

We designed a brand mark that represents the speed of modern communication and movement while staying authentic and professional. The arrow denotes speed and positive forward motion. Through the use of negative space, we were able to incorporate subtle quotation marks, playing up the importance of “critical communication”. We chose bold shades of red for our primary brand colours. Red is memorable while reinforcing a sense of urgency and power, which are applicable to critical information systems.

Our typography choice was influenced by two key attributes; critical and speed. We went with a modern tech font, used in an italic form to help display “speed”. And a softer modern font as a supporting type.

Design Elements

In order to visually represent the features and benefits InterTalk offers to their clients, we designed custom icons to be showcased throughout the website.

For use at trade shows and client meetings, we created an easy to interpret flowchart diagram using the InterTalk Ecosystem Information. The existing imagery on their previous fact sheets felt dated and was not accurately demonstrating the information management process. In an industry where copy can often be technically heavy and cumbersome, we wanted to provide an easy to understand snapshot of the InterTalk system processes.

Print Collateral

The sales team is often on the road making sales calls, attending tradeshows, and networking across the globe, so it was a necessity that they have print collateral on-hand at all times. The design team created branded business cards along with product spec sheets and a brochure to complement the newly launched brand.

Web Presence

The custom website build was another main focus of the overall project, working closely with their team we created an entirely new information architecture (IA). The new IA now better defines their available products, while clearly communicating their products’ features and benefits to the wide-range of industries they serve. Because the copy and content on the previous site were outdated, we took the opportunity to start fresh. We implemented a content strategy that improved the user experience, including new copy for each section, intuitive navigation and organization of information, and that adapts responsively to work seamlessly across any device.

Our developers created an inbound lead generation tool, allowing the InterTalk team to upload white papers that are available upon providing contact information, helping to convert users into new customers.

The new website has given their team the perfect platform to introduce their new brand, showcase their products and service, and support their sales team.

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