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Gallery1 Furniture

Gallery1 Furniture is a family owned and operated furniture retailer that had gone through a variety of structural and brand metamorphosis within the past twenty years. They were ready to truly define, embrace, and own a Gallery1 persona that could be used across all marketing touch points.


The bits team were brought on board to take audit of their existing branding and provide marketing strategies and direction. We needed to give Gallery1 a complete brand overhaul & refresh to coincide with the launch of their newly designed website. This process included developing a whole new look and feel by introducing fresh colour palettes, supporting fonts, tone, advertising guidelines and marketing collateral. Our goal was to create a distinct Gallery1 personality while still preserving and playing homage to their rich company history.

The new brand personality had to seamlessly translate throughout their new website, the in-store experience as well as promotional advertising and awareness campaigns.

The Brand 

Our research and discovery phase was crucial to developing a brand strategy that would reflect the unique selling position Gallery1 had established, while unearthing the potential of what the future of the brand could become.

We conducted a thorough review of their business model such as; key demographics, current product and services delivered, consumer behaviour and target markets. By utilizing this information we were able to establish a vision, mission and brand spirit that would form the foundation of the overall look, feel, and experience of the new Gallery1 brand.

Timeless, Traditional, Classic, Stylish, Contrasting, Elegant, Thoughtful, Modern, Transitional, Quality, New Luxury, Detailed, Personal, Design, Curated, Eclectic, Iconic, Unique.

Look & Feel

The existing Gallery1 logo, featuring a handwritten cursive “1”, holds great sentimentality for the company owners and was a non-negotiable in terms of a redesign. In order to modernize the logo while keeping intact the main element, our designers focused their attention on the weight and kerning of the logo. Creating a Gallery1 brand logo that is a nod to their past with a fresh, updated vibe.

Social & Icon Logo



Colour Palette

The base colour palette is intentionally minimalistic, with a splash of trend (mustard yellow). We wanted the eclectic product range to always take centre stage, therefore the Gallery1 brand colours are primarily timeless black and clean simply white, with moods of light grey, and splashes of mustard yellow.

Visual Communication Toolkit & Design Elements

We've created a diverse communications toolkit that can be used across all of the brand communications. These elements can be mixed and matched to create stylish graphic statements that are both creative and stay true to the brand.

Typography & Photography

Typography is a key element in communicating the unified put together look and feel for Gallery1. The updated Gallery1 font pairings fuse modern with traditional in an ultra sleek and simplistic way. Working equally well for both print and digital applications. Their typefaces come together to enhance the Gallery1 brand image of contrasting, transitional style. We wanted the Gallery1 lifestyle to be reflected in the images we selected, showcasing the best in design, luxury and elegance. We envisioned customers seeking inspiration in the beautiful and thoughtful photography style, and imagining themselves living amongst the furniture scenes selected.

Find Your Muse Campaign

In an effort to introduce the new brand personality we created an awareness campaign that reflected the new look and feel. It was essential to maintain our core attributes and create beautiful branded advertising that highlighted who Gallery1 is and what differentiates them from other furniture retailers.

We were inspired by their curated furniture. Classically chic, yet each piece has a distinct personality that attracts differing tastes; creating the perfect balance between mass appeal and a unique sense of style and self. From there we uncovered what consumer personalities inspired the type of furniture that Gallery1 sells and used it as the backbone for our outdoor transit campaign.

Although originally designed for an out-of-home brand awareness campaign; this concept has the ability to grow and extend into their more traditional advertising mediums such as television and radio. And, can be thoughtfully applied throughout their new website.



The new Gallery1 website was designed to reflect the brand refresh and to better showcase their product offering. Setting the stage visually for the new brand experience and representing their key attributes, we incorporated their colour palette, typography, and photography style to the site.

Using their mission and vision we tied in designs elements that would further differentiate Gallery1 as a modern-luxury retailer. We added content and information on their unique furniture customization process, a blog that can feature related products, and incorporated bios and information on their interior design team.

By creating better engagement strategies with online audiences, customers now have the ability to set up appointments with designers in-store or at home, or create a wishlist and send to Gallery1 staff for a private consultation — all with the click of a button.

A serious detriment to their previous site was the lack of searchable product, prices, and up-to-date sales information. The new site has a multitude of tools to be utilized such as, the ability to flag and feature customizable options, sale items, and visually showcase all special offers or promos happening within the store.

To create the best user experience possible, we incorporated a responsive design that will scale its dimensions according to the device the website is being viewed on. This ensures maximum readability and maintains a clean and user-friendly look from phone to tablet to desktop versions. To ensure future growth, the website is built on an ecommerce platform. When the Gallery1 team is at the stage where they are ready to start selling products via an online store, the infrastructure is in place for a seamless transition.



We completed a comprehensive redesign of the existing Gallery1 Furniture website– building an advanced design we modernized the site while increasing its functionality to provide a great user experience for their customers.

The entirely customized website aided in the launch of the newly minted and comprehensive brand persona, including, a full communications toolkit, brand guidelines and media marketing strategy.

The roll-out of the new Gallery1 brand was launched when their new website went live and was quickly followed by our Find Your Muse transit campaign.

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