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Stanfield’s Ltd. was looking to strengthen the digital presence of Elita, their Canadian brand of Ladies Intimate Apparel. Elita Collections are designed for women who appreciate the harmonious combination of natural fabrics and feminine design. Products use innovative materials, such as modal and bamboo to achieve maximum comfort and quality. To reflect the innovation used in their products, it was time to reinvent Elita online, taking their brand to the next level.

Four months after designing, building and launching the webstore — Stanfield's saw a return on their investment.


Elita was already performing well with online sales for existing retailers and partners of Stanfield’s. Seeing a huge opportunity to carve out its own income stream via ecommerce, Stanfields’ goal for the Elita website was to get an ecommerce website up and running as soon as possible to further the growth of Elita specifically.


Our team built the new Elita website using Magento’s ecommerce platform. We implemented a custom theme to represent the Elita brand to a tee, and employed a design focused on the collection-centric approach that Elita takes with its traditional product catalog. Knowing that the Elita customer shops for intimate apparel by fabric, we ushered the user through this new ecommerce system by bringing fabric to the forefront and giving users the opportunity to shop by cotton, silk, warm wear, and more. Whether it was summer and they were looking for a new Bamboo camisole to keep them cool or perhaps some new leggings to use as a base layer in the winter, we made it easy for users to find what they were looking for by giving them the option to filter by collection and product type. The design also focused on creating differentiation between the collections by assigning unique colours to each one.

The landing page features a stack of custom blocks which website editors can use to highlight relevant content that’s in-line with current business goals. For example, in the Spring, they can highlight their Cotton Touch collection, as demand for cotton products increases as the weather gets warmer. Website editors can make these types of changes quickly and easily through the content management system without the need to involve a developer. Website editors can also manage the product catalog with ease as changes are made to Elita’s product offering over time.

To entice customers, we built in the ability for users to sign up for the Elita newsletter and receive 15% off their purchase with a promo code, attracting new customers to the platform who may have purchased Elita products from another retailer in the past. We also implemented a deal for Free Shipping on orders over $75, bumping the average order amount up to $85 (in the first 4 months).


Elita has a new hub to sell online, owned and managed by the Stanfield’s team. Their new digital property gives them a new revenue stream as well as more control over the Elita brand image. With a solid digital foundation in place, brand resonance and profitability for Elita continue to rise and flourish for Stanfield’s Ltd.

“We’re delighted by the work of Bits on our new website.  This was a new initiative and a new relationship.  The Bits team understood our business goals and ran with them.  The team was a pleasure to work with, was on time and on budget, what more can you ask for”.  

 Peter Porteous, Senior VP Sales & Marketing, Stanfield’s Ltd.


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