Leading the Pack


At bits.co, we make no bones about the fact we love dogs so when Halifax’s first canine fitness service, Dogrunnin, needed a new brand, we knew it was a match made in hound heaven.


As DogRunnin’s alpha-woman, Sarah Warford had grown her unique business to the point where she was ready for a new brand to reflect her sporty, professional, dog/owner-friendly service. She wanted a fresh look and feel that would attract new customers and help DogRunnin thrive in a competitive marketplace. DogRunnin also needed a new online presence that made it easy for humans to sign Rover up for a run.

From concept to full
branding and website in

6 Weeks


Combination Mark
Alternate Mark


The bits.co team worked with DogRunnin to discover the true elements of their brand and develop a distinct message that will resonate with their target audience. We felt there was a lot of strength in the existing tagline of “Exercise for Urban Dogs” and it inspired the Halifax skyline and trees featured in the new logo we developed. DogRunnin now stands out from competitors with a sporty, bright, new look that’s both outdoorsy and city chic.

Color Palette

Based on our brand discovery session with Sarah, we chose a simple colour palette of energetic green supported by dark charcoal and two shades of grey to suggest an active lifestyle feel while still being professional, clean, and modern.


Body text


We provided DogRunnin with versatile versions of the logo for use on anything from branded apparel to business cards. By designing a variety of brand marks, the client has the freedom to spread their message however they choose while still complementing the established brand.


To further support DogRunnin’s fresh look, we developed a website to reflect the new brand online. By completely rebuilding and redesigning their existing site, dogrunnin.com now embodies a best-in-show user experience that pushes users to sign up for free consultations to get their pups on the move.

I knew I was in good hands with the team at Bits from our first meeting, but it was every follow up meeting, conversation, and email where they really impressed me. They took my ideas and made magic happen. It's obvious they place the highest priority on client care. I love the final result, but more importantly so do my clients. - Sarah Warford, Owner

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