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Canadian Blood Services has been a long-time motivator and educator for Canadians in blood donation with their iconic tagline: it’s in you to give. In 2015, the team at Canadian Blood Services set out to educate and motivate their own team with an internal microsite to showcase their 2015-2016 business priorities. The internal communications platform encourages collaboration amongst staff and engages them with digital interactivity and fun, fresh design elements.


Canadian Blood Services needed this to be an accessible resource across the organization. They had identified key areas where they aimed to excel, and now needed to pump it through their team nationwide. The one catch for us–the organization was using the browser every web team loves to hate, Internet Explorer 8. We took on this task eagerly, recognizing fun ways that we could showcase our talents.

From concept to full
branding and website in

6 Weeks

Character Illustration

Meet the Canadian Blood Services Man of the Year! To create a modern look with an older browser, we knew we had to do something a little different, so, working with their team, we dreamed up this handsome, helpful lad. We decided to focus heavily on illustration to provide an engaging user experience. He became our knight in shining lab coats and red vests.

He's a friendly, illustrated character who helps users navigate the site, guiding them through the organization’s key focus areas and business goals. With changing outfits for each environment, he entices the Canadian Blood Services team to visit all sections of the site to learn more about upcoming initiatives and ways to get involved.

Environment Illustration

We created a unique variety of hero illustrations that reflect the aspirations in each of the corporate environments. Each environment and hero image is a different colour, making it easy for the user to navigate from place to place.

Interactive Platform

Fostering an environment where the Canadian Blood Services team felt inspired to comment and provide feedback was a primary consideration. We built the microsite with the ability for users to comment on almost every page. This functionality transforms the platform from a megaphone to a telephone, motivating staff to share their thoughts and showing them that their opinion is valued at the top-level of the organization.


It was clear from the beginning that working within the capabilities of Internet Explorer 8 would pose some drawbacks, but recognizing this from the outset allowed us to identify these constraints, and create something special.

The result is a collaborative, user-friendly microsite with a modern look and feel—showcasing Canadian Blood Services’ goals and key focus areas in an accessible and digestible way. We are also proud that this started a great new partnership between our teams, with Canadian Blood Services naming Bits as their Web Design Vendor of Record through 2018.

The team at Bits helped us turn our sketch on the back of a napkin into a very sleek internal site. The elegant design and functionality connected our strategic goals with key projects. The Bits team was a pleasure to work with.Jodi Benenati - Manager, Digital Communications

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