We Came, We Cleaned, They Shine Brighter Than Ever Before

In March 2015 we ran our first Brand Spring Clean contest and Phoenix Youth Programs really impressed us with their submission. Since then, we’ve been working closely with Phoenix to bring their brand identity to a level they can be proud of, ensuring it represents the work they do to a tee.

Not only did the submission from Phoenix pull at our heart strings in all the right ways, their staff has swept us off our feet. Our team has become an extension of theirs, providing us with a window into the Phoenix family, giving us an invaluable perspective into the organization. These folks are dedicated to their work, and their enthusiasm when it comes to providing badass support for youth, families and the community is contagious.

It’s been an awesome ride with Phoenix, and we thought it was a good time to give an update on the work we've done together. We kicked things off with them in April with an extensive discovery phase, exploring every nook and cranny of their organization. From there, we developed mission and vision statements to re-establish Phoenix in the minds of their internal stakeholders as well as the external community. Along with providing shelter to homeless youth in Halifax, Phoenix does a lot for the community—from running prevention programs to influencing social policy. They needed a modernized, refreshed look to represent their growth, so we developed a new logo and tagline for them.

We’ve grown close with the Phoenix team and celebrate our wins together. Our team was thrilled to attend their amazing Captains and Cooks event this summer where they really pampered us with a sail around the harbour and a gourmet lunch. At the event we heard from a youth speaker who is a member of the Phoenix family. It was incredible to hear about her journey and how Phoenix was there to support her every step of the way. Afterward, Executive Director Tim Crooks used the line we discovered as a result of our discovery phase to describe the work his organization does, People Matter. That gave us big-time chills!

As our Brand Spring Clean project winds down with Phoenix, our relationship with them is still gaining momentum. We’re excited to announce that we’ve just signed a contract to rebuild the Phoenix website to coincide with their new brand.

Stay tuned for more contests from us, we might be looking for some more deserving non profits to provide some stellar in-kind services to in 2016!

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