Valentine’s via Social Media: Who’s Doing it Right This Year?

Today is Valentine’s Day, so break out the flowers, chocolates and cards! But wait…in today’s world so many brands are making it easy for you to engage with your valentine online - through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. From the best global brands in the world to your local pizzeria on the corner, a lot of companies are using social media as an avenue to strengthen their holiday campaign efforts. Here are a few brands I feel are doing it right for Valentine’s Day 2014:

IGA Australia

IGA Australia pulled off a unique and fun Valentine’s Day campaign with a love song themed social media campaign.  Executed through Twitter, IGA Australia has asked their followers to tweet a special message to their loved ones using the hashtag #IGAlovesongs.  Local musicians are turning selected tweets into personalized love songs and tweeting back to the user in the form of a Vine or YouTube video. I love how IGA Australia is engaging their followers with this campaign. The fact that they’re actually tweeting the video back to the user rather than just posting content is awesome, continuing and encouraging engagement.  It adds a personal touch so the user has that warm and fuzzy feeling that they won’t forget. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.37.36 PM

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MasterCard is famous for their “Priceless” campaigns that have now been running for 17 years, and January 2014 marked the kick-off a new phase, “Priceless Surprises”.  This one consists of a variety of surprises for MasterCard customers who Tweet or post to Instagram using the hashtag #PricelessSurprises. This year MasterCard has added a Valentine’s component into the mix with the prize of a unique skywriting experience.  12 cardholders in select cities who engage using the #PricelessSurprises hashtag will be randomly selected to deliver a personal sky-written message to their loved one. How cool? I love this because the #Priceless campaigns are familiar to everyone and recognized as part of the MasterCard brand, yet this campaign screams novelty.  It’s such an awesome way for MasterCard to engage with their everyday customers and provide them with a once in a lifetime surprise for a loved one.

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Heineken US

Heineken US has figured out a great way to embarrass the fellas who forgot Valentine’s day this year with their #DateInABox campaign.  The campaign required users to tweet @Heineken_US to request their #DateInABox, which was mailed to their man before Valentine’s morning containing a pre-arranged date.  The only way for him to unlock the box is to take a picture and post the glittery red box of love to Instagram for the entire world to see. I’m a big fan of Heineken’s brand overall. From their website, to their various campaigns to the brewery itself, I’ve always liked the way they conduct their marketing efforts. The #DateInABox campaign is no exception.  It’s a clever way to engage their fans and also build their female audience.  And Hey! What guy is crazy enough not to risk a little embarrassment for a free date sponsored by such a cool beer brand?  

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There are a lot of brands today running creative and successful social media campaigns, but these are just a few who I feel are really doing it right in the spirit of Valentine’s.  Happy Valentine’s to all!

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