Think Outside of the Social Media Marketing Box

Only a few years ago, Twitter and Facebook campaigns might have been the most innovative and cutting edge way to communicate with your target audience, but now things have changed. There is a noticeable trend of consumers taking interest in brands who use new, sometimes unconventional social media platforms to get their message across. Not only do we as marketers want consumers to be exposed to the content we are putting out there, we also need the content to grab their attention and ultimately persuade them to take action. Keeping in mind that different social platforms are used by different demographics, marketers need to be more calculated than ever in choosing their message’s vehicle.

Here are a few brands that are absolutely killing it by thinking outside the box and some up-and-coming features that we see a lot of value in!

Vine + Oreo

Vine is where video sharing is really thriving right now - every second at least five tweets published contain a Vine link (source: 7th Chamber). It’s an extremely effective app in reaching consumers as well as entertaining them.

Oreo, specifically is doing some awesome stuff on Vine. Their frequent Vine content revolves mostly around clever #OreoSnackHacks and #OreoMagic videos. I’m also a big fan of their most recent video featuring the “Dunk Perfect Machine”!

Tumblr + J.Crew

Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to quickly share images, text, videos and more with the use of a simple user interface. While other social platforms have had a focus on brief, concise content sharing, Tumblr creates an environment that is especially attractive to young demographics. Youth have been known to spend substantial amounts of time consuming and digesting content (source: Business Insider).

J. Crew has a strong Tumblr presence that has a look and feel that’s attractive to their target audience. They use personable language and interesting, colourful images to draw the user in and resonate with the brand. J. Crew’s last series of posts recap their experience at New York Fashion Week giving a behind the scenes look into everything from this fashion brand’s casting calls to their runway shows.

Snapchat + Geofilters

While many of us might have thought Snapchat was simply a fad, it’s clear now that is app has become a huge game changer for social media. Disappearing messaging is an emerging trend that is catching on like wildfire. This app’s simple idea is turning into quite the empire, and Snapchat is always introducing something new and exciting.

Snapchat recently launched Geofilters in Los Angeles and New York, but have yet to make their way to Canada (we hope they will soon!). This new Snapchat feature hasn’t fully taken off yet, but I have a feeling that it will be a big hit! Geofilters allow you to add special filters for the location you are in. This will open up a lot of opportunities for brands to showcase their location on consumers’ snaps. For example, when you’re sending a snap from Disneyland or Times Square, you’ll be able to swipe right and add a Geofilter to your photo.

Songza + SportChek

A brand is a lot more than a logo or a slogan- it should evoke feelings. And what better way to evoke a feeling than with music! Brands are starting to use Songza as a marketing tool to create and share their brand experience.

Sport Chek has worked with Songza to create playlists that aim to inspire Canadians to run and exercise. Sport Chek’s Pick Up Your Feet campaign creates an interactive relationship with consumers where the brand can come along with consumers on their runs via the Songza mobile app. Brands that choose Songza as a marketing tool have the opportunity to cultivate positive associations between them and their consumers, which can be a valuable asset and fun way to stand out against competition.




Thinking outside of the box is an important way to stand out amongst all of the noise. Creating intriguingly different content captures the attention of your audience and can help get your message across in a new and exciting way, hopefully resulting in more people than ever actively engaging with your brand!


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