Spreading Optimism & Taking Action

We’ve been working with the inspiring team at United Way Halifax (UWH) over the past few months, building a campaign aimed at changing 50,000 lives locally. Our team set out to develop a brand for the campaign to encourage a city of doers, tackling poverty head-on through individual actions of giving - both of time & donations.   

The campaign was named Wake Up Halifax to represent the boldness of taking action and the power of spreading optimism. We’ll be launching a new case study in the coming weeks that will highlight the work we’ve done with United Way Halifax in more detail, but for now, we wanted to share a sneak peak while we’re riding the high of the recent campaign launch. 

Over the past couple weeks, the Wake Up brand has really come to life. On December 7th, United Way Halifax worked tirelessly to put on an amazing event that really made a splash in kicking off the campaign. Inspired by the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, and how the city came together to rebuild their home - United Way orchestrated a Day of Action with the same sentiment in mind. The Day of Action was a super special, city-wide initiative that saw 100 volunteer projects happen across the HRM in one day. Needless to say, our team was keen to get involved. 

Our team joined the fun on December 7th by cooking up a feast for the folks at Fleming House. Fleming House is a residential facility in Halifax for men transitioning from a correctional facility to community living. Before we got our hands dirty, we kicked off our day at Pier 21, where UWH hosted a breakfast featuring some really inspirational talks (and lots of coffee of course). We were so excited to see the Wake Up brand out in the wild on various collateral at the event, we just had to snap a few pics. 

Fuelled by caffeine, high-fives and good-vibes from our breakfast, we headed over to the Boys and Girls Club to get cooking. Using their community kitchen, we divided and conquered three different recipes and got to work. We made Shepherd's pie, tea biscuits and banana bread to feed 20 men. Nothing like a little team-building exercise to bond the Bits Fam together before we break for the holidays!  

It felt great to drop the goodies off at Fleming House, and I hope everyone enjoyed the meal we prepared. We are so proud of how the campaign is taking off - and give a giant shout-out to the UWH team on all the work they’ve done on the execution thus far. This is the type of work we love to do, the kind that really makes a difference, especially when it's focused here in Halifax. We’re excited to see the campaign grow and continue to make a positive change in the city we all love so much. 

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