New Year, New Digs

2015 was an action-packed year at Not only have we increased the number of names on our roster, we’ve also expanded our service offering. As a company that was born in the digital space 6 years ago, we've earned a reputation in and outside the region for our top notch web development talent. And while we remain true to our roots in web, over the past couple of years we've found our offering extend into the traditional space.

This expansion is somewhat backwards for most agencies today, but here it was organic. When our clients began asking us to take on new initiatives we couldn't pass up the exciting opportunities. This lead us to expand our team and our offering, making our office feel a tiny bit like a can of sardines.

Our previous office served us well, but with our recent growth it was time for an upgrade! We didn’t have to look far before finding a space that was just what we needed. Luckily we were able to stay within the confines of the famously underrated, Bayers Road Professional Centre. This place is great; free parking, directly off of the highway, next to the grocery store and central to our favorite meeting spots in and around the Halifax area. One of the biggest bonuses of all--we're just a few steps away from bowling to our hearts' content!  Our pals at RANK Inc. really hooked us up with something special here and we’re excited to keep growing in this new space.

Our new office is equipped with soft, LED lights for our delicate little eyeballs, high ceilings and even a coat closet (luxury!). We also have giant windows that fill our office with natural light and a private washroom. The best features are probably our new breakout spaces and board room. These areas make it easy for us to collaborate with project teams and also have some quiet time if any of us want to fly solo for a few hours. We’re still working on making this space truly our own but the nesting has been going well thus far!

One member of the team even started out in our first office ever (which doubled as Ian’s humble abode) so you can imagine our team’s enthusiasm about this new home of ours. We’ve come a long way since those fateful days when we fit around one round table and could travel anywhere in one vehicle, it’s been an exciting ride and I’m glad to be a part of it!

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