How to Land a Job Doing Something Interesting

As a new member to the team at bits and a new graduate with a pretty generic degree in business administration, I am over-the-moon to have earned a spot on this team’s roster! During my time at Acadia University, I developed a keen interest for marketing- specifically social media and digital marketing. With my eyes set on this sunrise industry, I was mentally prepared to have to move to Toronto or Montreal to pursue a career in this field. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to look too far before I found a company that really sparked my interest. For me, landing a job doing something interesting meant working at a digital marketing agency. I realize that this isn’t everyone’s idea of interesting, but maybe these tips will help you find your “something interesting” too.

Be focused

“What are you going to do after school?”. Classic question. In my final year of university I had many chats with family and friends around this topic. It can be a pretty overwhelming question. The trick is to get focused! Make a small checklist of 3-4 non-negotiables that you want in a career and zero in on only the opportunities that meet those criteria. I wanted three things in my first job: 1) To be in Halifax; 2) To focus on digital marketing and social media; and 3) To work for a company that is young, vibrant and growing. Once you write down exactly what you’re looking for, it feels more tangible, like a commitment to yourself to finding a job that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

You create your own opportunity

Once you find a company that strikes your interest, it’s time to jump into action! Taking that leap doesn’t always mean lurking the LinkedIn job boards along with hundreds of other people looking for similar work. A great way to create your own opportunity is to pound the pavement and grab coffee with people who are working in the industry, learn more about it and foster a network of people with the same interests as you. If the company you’re talking to ends up liking you, chances are they will keep you in mind for opportunities they hear about or even find a way to fit you into their team, whether they have a job posting up or not.

Prove your interest

It’s one thing to say that you’re interested in a certain industry or topic but it’s another to actually convey that interest to a potential employer. People want to work with others who are keen to learn about their industry. Current trends, interesting companies and new technologies are all things that you should keep tabs on when searching for a job. Bringing those topics up in an interview or at coffee could be your ticket to the job offer. Researching your interests shows that you are self-motivated and genuinely engaged in the industry’s direction.

Be yourself

The first time I met Ian (my boss) I spilt coffee on him within the first 5 seconds of shaking his hand. Unfortunately, sometimes I lose control over my limbs- I’m a tragically clumsy gal, always have been and I imagine that I always will be. I basically knew I was the right fit for this company after the coffee spillage was brushed off with a simple laugh. Working with a company that fits your personality and interests can create an environment where you are always learning and growing together.

These are the keys steps that I took in landing this gig at bits, hopefully they will help you too. Now get started on those lists and take you first step towards landing a job doing something interesting!

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