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It’s that time of year again! Back to school season has begun and it won’t be long until homework starts piling up. Often homework isn’t just work for the kids, I can remember many late nights spent sitting at the kitchen table with my parents doing school work together.  Here are a few awesome apps that will help your kids with school so that they can become independent learners!



10 minutes a day (Free)

This app helps kids learn their times tables in a race against the clock! The idea behind this app is that if kids spend 10 minutes a day concentrating on their times tables, they will be an mental math wiz in no time. This app makes solving equations a game where the faster you answer questions, the faster your car goes in the race!


Multiplication and Division Flash Action ($4.99)

Remember “Mental Math”? I remember dreading it all the way from Grade 4 to Grade 8 and practicing day in and day out after school. Now there's a much more fun and interactive way to practice those speedy math skills. With this app you can practice math in assorted playing modes and with multiple players at once. Kids can adjust difficulty levels and test their skills to improve overall mathematical ability!



Britannica Kids: Volcanoes ($4.99)

Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc makes huge moves by uploading their powerful resources into apps. Britannica Kids: Volcanoes is just one example of the apps that Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc has developed recently, others include Britannica Kids: Solar System and Britannica Kids: Rainforests. With rich media and intuitively laid out content, this app could be the key to an "A" on your kids' next science project!

Sorting for Early Science ($2.99)

Sorting for Early Science is an introduction to the wonderful world of science for kids just starting school. Kids classify items based on characteristics that encourage them to think. Categories could be a number of things such as Animals or Plants, Animals with wings or no wings, Number of Legs etc. This drag and drop game makes learning fun for kids and helps them develop fundamental scientific skills for their years to come!


Language Arts

Duolingo (Free)

This app has a fun, easy-to-use interface that helps kids (and people of all ages) learn how to speak new languages! Learn how to speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and more for FREE with this app. Duolingo even has the ability to translate your texts into the language you are trying to learn which could be great for students of all ages who are taking a new language class.

Little Writer - The Tracing App for Kids (Free)

Little Writer is a tracing app that helps kids as they are learning to write. This colourful, clean layout makes the app easy to use for toddlers and parents alike. Little Writer also makes learning to write seem more like a game than a chore with its interactive design.


General Learning

What? Why? How? (Free)

Sometimes spending the day with a kid can be like spending the day with Curious George! This app lets kids answer their thousands of questions on their own, it's like a kid-friendly Google! With bright animation and funny details, this app provides kids with hours of fun and knowledge.

Brainfeed (Free)

Brainfeed describes itself as appealing to ages 7-107. This knowledge-rich video library aims to educate, excite and inspire users. The app is curriculum based and therefore acts as a perfect complement to your kids’ traditional school day. Some videos you can find on this app include topics such as “How big is the ocean?” and “Does space go on forever?” Brainfeed allows curious kids to learn about the world around them in a safe online environment that will ignite their imagination!


Big Kid Apps

Notability ($2.99)

Notability is a popular iPad and iPhone app that has recently become available on Macs. This powerful note-taker has a ton of bells and whistles that are designed to make your life run nice and smoothly! High school and university students can use this app to take notes in class, record lectures and a lot more! By combining handwriting, photos and typing, your notes will suddenly come to life!

Flashcard Hero (Free for iPhone, $14.99 for Mac)

Are you a Flashcard lover? During my high school and university career I absolutely crushed the flashcards. It makes me cringe a little to think about the money I probably spend on those things! Now there’s an app for that (of course). Flashcard Hero has a sleek interface where users are able to create, organize and store flashcards to help them study. Now that this app is available on iPhone as well as Mac, studying has never been more accessible!


As you transition into the school year, we hope that these apps will offer some support. The App Store is also filled with tons of other educational apps that we encourage you to browse and find the ones that are right for you and your family! Another great place to find educational resources is PlatoPath, this company is doing some really interesting things with tech and education. PlatoPath connects key learning outcomes from K-12 curricula with a variety of apps and games, check them out! Happy back to school season everyone, we wish you a smart and smooth shift over to school mode!


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