Hire the Underdog

You need to hire a company to get something done. What do you do first? Perhaps you Google the job and see what comes up. Likely, your results will spawn larger companies that pay for Google Adwords to get their names to the top of your search list. You find a company you like from that top list, then check out reviews. They do look awfully good on paper. You talk to them, seems a bit pricy, but you assume that’s the going industry rate. You hire them and live happily ever after, right?

Wait, have you considered those smaller companies, the underdogs?

We root for the underdogs in movies and stories – the three little pigs, Bugs Bunny, the Karate Kid, Rocky Balboa and on and on - we should also root for the underdogs in real life.

The underdogs are the ones building their businesses right now. The ones with immense talent that are trying to make names for themselves. The ones that come with reasonable prices and fresh ideas. The ones who will be loyal to your brand. The ones who want to learn. The ones willing to break the rules.

The ones you should’ve considered.

The bigger, longer established companies have it easy now. Reputation precedes them. It’s likely you’re but one of many on its project list. But the underdogs know they have to work for your money and, most importantly, your respect. They’re more likely to work with you, not tell you what works. It has a smaller client list and may be more apt to actually meeting your deadlines than the big guy.

How do you find an underdog agency?

  • Word of mouth – like a local company or group’s site? Ask them who did their digital.
  • Search on social media – these days, the local guy is supported and shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.
  • The news – local news outlets often share what’s going on in business – check out news sites and search.
  • Contact your local business associations. For example, The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has an online directory called Shop Small Biz.

We consider ourselves an underdog. We have a lot of competition, but we have a lot of success. We’re really proud of the relationships we’ve built through our work. Consider bits.co.

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