Hike NS is Hitting the Trail with a Fresh New Look

At Bits we thrive on being a part of the digital world, it’s what we do best and our typical 9-5 day is deeply immersed in technology. That being said, we also really appreciate quality time away from the screen. In fact, many of the bits staff love spending time in the great outdoors. From walking our pups on the local trails to winter camping excursions; we tend to consider ourselves a pretty “outdoorsy” bunch.  That’s why working with our 2016 Brand Spring Clean Contest winners, Hike Nova Scotia, felt like second nature to us.

Ideas and discussion were flowing from the outset. Working with an organization that we identified so easily with really helped get the ball rolling from Day 1. When our team sat down for an initial briefing, we couldn't help ourselves - the brandstorming began and the momentum only continued to grow from there.

In our discovery session, we identified several key areas to direct our focus,  in which this NFP needed a little TLC - namely:

  • A need to connect and resonate with a younger demographic
  • A need to leverage a large social media following to strengthen brand awareness and engagement
  • A need to create opportunities for additional revenue streams through merchandising

These key areas gave us direction for the project. Not only did we need to develop a modern, visually pleasing logo - we needed to implement a brand strategy that would bring this organization to the next level. Hike strives to grow and serve a larger group of people and we believe that this branding exercise will give them the boost they need.

As a part of the brand strategy we developed a new identity for Hike Nova Scotia, one that would speak to a younger demographic but also resonate with their existing audience. Part of this exercise involved honing in on the spirit of Hike NS and the key attributes that shape their brand:

Connection | Exploration | Health | Fun |Community | Adventure

We strategized on how the brand would translate across everything from social media campaigns, to t-shirts to collaborations with local makers for merchandising opportunities. No door was left unopened. We created new brand assets, brand guidelines, graphics to refresh their social media profiles, a rack card, and more. We hope that the toolkit we’ve provided will serve as a springboard to engage and excite the Hikers of NS and maybe even motivate other active people in our province to get outside and hit the trail this spring.

We’re very proud of the work we accomplished and wanted to give you a little sneak peek of what’s to come. Below you will see the refreshed logo in action - a rustic homage to the Nova Scotian wilderness with a focus on coastal hiking.

Hike NS will be unveiling their revamped visual identity in the coming months, at which time we’ll be sharing  more of this exciting journey with you - so check back soon for a detailed case study.  

Wanna be a part of our next charitable collaboration, or know of a deserving nonprofit who could really use a marketing refresh?  The 2017 Brand Spring Clean contest is now open for submissions, apply today Deadline for all entries is April 7th 2017 - goodluck!

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