Completely Captivating: Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising seems to be an up and coming trend these days, and I must admit, I love it. The use of interactive media to communicate with consumers is very smart. I personally love being engaged and able to interact with a brand or product, but it’s not always that easy for advertisers to pull off. One of the first interactive ads to catch my attention was British Airways' “Look Up” video billboard. The billboard is located near London’s Heathrow Airport and takes place in real time. It features a young boy walking across the screen with his finger pointed in the air at an actual plane. The billboard then updates to display the flight number and destination or origin of the plane.


The newest interactive ad I’ve seen has been sprawled all over my Twitter and Facebook feeds this week. It’s the new “hair raising” ad from the Swedish pharmacy chain, Apotek. Apotek placed digital screens on subway platforms in Stockholm equipped with ultra sonic sensors that could monitor a train’s arrival. Check out what happened!


I’ve saved the best (well, my personal favorite) for last, and it’s one of the coolest examples of interactive advertising that I have ever seen. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I’m a big fan of Heineken’s marketing and I personally think this is one of their best efforts yet. Last year during Milan Fashion Week, Heineken unveiled their new interactive bottle. That’s right folks, an interactive bottle!  When untouched, the bottle looks like your ordinary Heineken bottle, until the party starts. The bottle ignites when people cheers, sparks when they sip and pulsates to the rhythm of the music. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is!

  I can’t wait to see how far the boundaries are pushed next!

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