bits in the Sky: A Sneak Peek into Nova Centre

Building Nova Centre’s branding, marketing, and digital presence has been one of our most exciting projects yet, and we’re flying high from the excitement of working on such a seminal development. 16 stories high in fact.

On Friday afternoon, we made a quick stop at the Carleton to don our steel-toed boots, hard hats, and snazzy orange safety vests. After a tour of the impressive Grafton Place, thermal energy storage tanks, retail space, and the centre’s 30,000-square-foot ballroom, we traipsed up 32 staircases, to Nova Centre’s 16th floor. Standing up there at dusk, with our frozen noses and wind whipping through our hair, the entire cityscape in front and the citadel at our backs, we felt gloriously alive.

The hoarding around the construction site is mostly installed, the brand has been released, and the website has been launched. From clambering up chain link fences to measure fence posts, to this breathtaking tour, this has been a very hands-on and incredibly gratifying project.

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