A Holly, Jolly Haul for Feed Nova Scotia

2016 was a wild ride for the bits team (in the best way possible!) and we’ve decided to close it out with some warm fuzzies. In lieu of designing, printing and mailing a holiday card this year, we switched it up and allocated those resources towards a good cause.

After thinking long and hard about what we wanted to send to the people who continue to support us, we decided to make a donation on their behalf. Lucky for us, we work with a ton of generous, kind-hearted folks who we think will appreciate this change in our approach to spreading yuletide cheer.

If you’ve ever taken a cruise through our social feeds, you’ll know we are passionate about food here. Our love of enjoying food with family and friends is what inspired us to donate to Feed Nova Scotia this year. Feed NS is an organization whose main objective is to feed people living in Nova Scotia via their member network of 147 food banks and meal programs across the province.

We took a trip to our local grocery store with Feed NS' wishlist in hand, to help them stock up on the items they were in immediate need of such as fresh meat & veggies, pasta & pasta sauce, peanut butter and more.

The holidays give us a chance to reflect on the things we're truly grateful for, and recognize that we have the power to help people in need. And, although we love the cards we've designed and mailed in the past (and the one's we've received), we're feeling pretty good about our decision this year.

We wish you all a very Happy Holidays, filled with home cooking, a cozy fireplace (real, propane or even The Netflix Fireplace for Your Home), lots of laughs and good old fashioned l-o-v-e.

Feeling warm & fuzzy? Looking for ways to help make a difference? Learn about ways to support Nova Scotians this holiday season through Feed Nova Scotia.


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