5 Things to do Before Leaving the Office on Friday

A long weekend is upon us! Cabins, bonfires and road trips are just around the corner but first we need to spend a quick ten minutes wrapping things up at the office. We all want to embark on our three day vacay with peace of mind that everything at work is settled, so set yourself up for a successful return to the office with these 5 tips:

1) Prepare for your return 

Set aside some time this afternoon to organize your schedule for next Tuesday. The more organized you are, the less overwhelmed you will feel when you get back on the job. Set up any team meetings or conference calls ahead of time, and invite others so that they are prepared as well. Google invites are awesome for this.

2) Tie up any loose ends

Make sure that all work matters are resolved before leaving the office. Settle affairs with clients and go over your to-do list to make sure you’ve got everything done that you were hoping to. Taking a few minutes to scan your email inbox, calendar and to-do list will give you the ability to relax this weekend knowing that everything at work is a-okay.

3) Don’t forget your tech

Maybe in a perfect world we would be able to leave the office for three days footloose and fancy-free. But for now, just to be sure that you’re prepared for the unexpected, don’t forget to bring home your tech. I'm not just talking your computer - sleep easy knowing you have your headphones and chargers too!

4) Tidy up

De-clutter your desk so that it’s nice and clean for your return. My parents always told me, a tidy room is a tidy mind; I think that office desks might resemble that same quality (Thanks Mom and Dad!). Another place to tidy up that often gets forgotten is the office kitchen - make sure that you take any food and tupperware home with you to avoid a mini science experiment happening in the fridge!

5) Say goodbye to your team

Lastly and most importantly, wish your team a great weekend! Take an interest and ask what they are doing this weekend, and tell them what you’re up to as well. Making connections and knowing what’s going on in your co workers’ lives is important. Fostering a cohesive and close-knit team will help with effective communication and job satisfaction.

Here’s to a great weekend and a smooth, easy return back to the office next week! Enjoy!

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