4 New Year's Resolutions to Step Up Your Professional Game

It’s been almost 4 months since I starting here at bits.co, you might remember my first post: How to Land a Job Doing Something Interesting. These days I’ve definitely started to feel like I am contributing more and more to the team but they still have a lot to teach me. After graduating last spring, I feel like I did what most graduates aim to do, I landed a job in the industry I was interested in. I was on top of the world at that point. I made it! I got the job! My undergrad was over and I was officially a young professional... I am now realizing that there’s a lot more to professional success than just getting the job. You have to a) keep the job and b) thrive in that job in order to achieve true professional success. I figure there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to set some professional goals for myself. I don’t plan on taking over the world or anything but I think that these few resolutions will help me evolve and create a strong base to build my career upon.


Be Fearless

Tackle 1 new task per week

Trying new things, even when I don’t always know exactly what the right solution is, has been a driving factor in my journey up the never ending learning curve at bits.co. Going through the process of receiving a new task, taking a first stab at it, getting feedback from my brilliant team members and going back to the drawing board will continue to be a part of my daily routine. In 2015 I plan to always be open to challenging myself with new tasks in order to grow as a professional. A couple new things that I would be interested in learning more about in 2015 are SEO and SEM strategy!


Be Ahead of the Curve

Read 7 articles per week

In the new year I want to read more! This is a toughy for me but I want to commit to learning more about new trends, technologies and the the community around me. Reading more won’t only provide me with knowledge that will be useful in the workplace, it will also expand my vocabulary and improve my writing skills. My goal is to read 7 articles per week, the majority of my reading will likely happen on my blissful bus ride to work, where I’ll spend a little less time scrolling through Instagram and a little more time indulging in some valuable brain fuel.


Be Generous

Volunteer for 1 community organization that interests me

I’ve always enjoyed taking part in extracurricular activities, especially while I was in university, now I think it’s time to get back into that routine. Being an active member of my community has always been important to me, therefore in 2015 I intend to take up a volunteering role within in the sports organization that I grew up with. Since I’m just starting my career, I don’t have the opportunity to be generous with money but I can offer my time and skills! Volunteering in this position will help be give back to the sport I love, and also build my professional network here in Halifax.


Be Active

Work out for 45 minutes 4 times per week

This resolution is more of a personal one for me but it might be helpful for you too! I’ve always felt that when I’m living an active and healthy lifestyle, I’m at my best. I like to keep a variety in my workout plan so these four workouts will be a mix of yoga, cardio and weight training. Committing to 4 solid workouts per week will help keep my mind sharp and stress free!  


You might be able to relate to these goals and maybe they will inspire you to set your own! I think that whether you’re on the job hunt, starting a new job or are at a peak in your work life, setting goals and always working to improve yourself will make for a successful and fulfilling career!


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