35 Reasons Why I Love Working for a Small Business

This post is not only an ode to how much I love my job, but also a message to those wondering what the advantages might be of working for a small company. When I was on the job hunt last year I started by checking out some of the larger companies in the region. I walked through their maze of cubicles and wondered if this was the direction my business degree was pointing me in. Turns out, it didn’t have to be! As I work at my desk now, in our open, cozy office, I know I’m in the right spot. Not only because of our beautiful, open concept workspace but also because of the positive effects that my small and mighty team are having on my career and skillset. Here are just a few reasons I love working for a small company:

  1. I work closely with my boss (and even my boss’s boss!) (they’re actually good pals of mine!)
  2. I’m always working on a wide variety of tasks which keeps me on my toes and always learning new things
  3. We share our leftovers (and I work with some great chefs!)
  4. We win as a team
  5. We learn as a team
  6. I get to explore my professional interests including everything from blog writing to business development
  7. Every day at work is different than the last
  8. I feel like I’m a part of an exclusive cool kids club on a daily basis
  9. We can all communicate in one iMessage chat (Let’s just say… we frequent the emoji keyboard)
  10. We can share one pizza for lunch and be happy as clams
  11. We all work in one open space and get to collaborate on awesome ideas on the regular
  12. We can go on adventures and only have to take two cars
  13. We can all sit around one table for a family meal
  14. I’m diversifying my skill set, dipping my toes in everything from copywriting to HR
  15. I thrive off of the fast paced work environment here
  16. Our team was strategically hand picked, therefore I’m pretty sure everyone I work with is a genius
  17. One pot of coffee fuels our whole morning
  18. We know how to push each other's buttons, and can steer clear
  19. We embrace change and are always evolving
  20. My team members always take ownership of their unique tasks and we support each other as needed
  21. We are all emotionally invested in the success of our company
  22. I get to learn all aspects of this business, inside and out
  23. Bureaucracy is the least of my worries
  24. My interview was casual and conversational - we hire based on fit!
  25. I can work from home without having FOMO because we are always connected through Skype and iMessage
  26. We know each others families, pets and friends outside of the office
  27. We’re all close with our clients; everyone from our developers to our president, strengthening our customer service and creating an open line of communication for our clients
  28. Opportunities outside of my job description arise on a weekly basis
  29. We learn from our own mistakes as well as each others
  30. My background as an athlete directly relates to the team dynamic at our office
  31. Tripping over red tape is a rare occurrence in our office
  32. We dream together
  33. and DO together
  34. We’re always growing and expanding our horizons
  35. We work like dogs but we’re in it together!

With all of this being said, I believe that there are definitely advantages to working for companies of all sizes. A small company seems to be the right fit for me and as I start my career, I find that I’m learning a lot here and absolutely loving it!  


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