2016 Brand Spring Clean Contest Winner

The bits team is all set to tighten our laces and head out on a new adventure with the 2016 Brand Spring Clean Contest winner - Hike Nova Scotia! But before we go, we want to send a big virtual thank you to all the deserving applicants who participated this year. You certainly made it tough to select just one winner.  

Following a terrific first meeting with some of the dedicated folks at Hike Nova Scotia, we’re more excited than ever to get the branding process underway. From supporting efforts to conserve the natural beauty that is our wilderness to promoting fun community programs and hiking clubs, our goal is to help shine a spotlight on all the great work that they do.

And since Hike Nova Scotia is all about encouraging and promoting hiking, walking, and snowshoeing the trails throughout our province, we may just have to take a little staff field trip this summer into the great outdoors – purely for research purposes of course.

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